Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

Brianza Plastica Fibreglass Laminates Division

The new LinkedIn channel for flat laminates sector is born.

The main goal of the new LinkedIn page is showing and informing on flat fibreglass laminates Elycold and Elyplan: their characteristics, their copious applications and their peculiarities. Entirely in English to reach a global community, the Brianza Plastica Fibreglass Laminates Division will share technical notions, news and examples of application of these product ranges.

Following Brianza Plastica Fibreglass Laminates Division will increase your knowledge on ELYCOLD product: the high quality fiberglass laminate by Brianza Plastica produced discontinuously using advanced machinery, crowning the about sixty years experience in this sector. You will also satisfy your curiosity on ELYPLAN product: the flat fibreglass laminate produced in continuous with an excellent quality/price ratio. The Brianza Plastica fibreglass laminates are suitable for a multiplicity of applications: from temperature-controlled, commercial and recreational vehicles, till tank containers and special applications like mobile houses and prefabricated doors, everywhere is required washable surfaces, smooth or rough, with high resistance to corrosive elements present in the environment.