Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls



Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962 to manufacture fiberglass laminates for the industrial and commercial sectors, and has continued to expand its production, operating mainly in the construction sector. Important know-how and expertise acquired over the years and the demand for laminates with better characteristics, have made its fiberglass laminates suitable for recreational and temperature-controlled vehicles. Between 2006 and 2008, the Company built two new production facilities equipped with discontinuous laminating technologies and expanded the main production site of Carate Brianza with the introduction of a continuous laminating production line. Brianza Plastica is currently one of the main European manufacturer of fiberglass and also the only Company able to offer flat laminates made with two production technologies: continuous hot laminating and discontinuous cold laminating. In 2014, it opened the commercial-logistics centre of Elkhart to serve the entire US market and to strengthen its presence in the territory.

In summer 2016 a third production site for discontinuos laminates has been established in Rovigo together with a new continuous plant in Carate Brianza. These productive investments have increased the production capacity of 40%; this makes Brianza Plastica ready to face all the challenges of coming years.