Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls



waterproof hail resistant low thermal expansion UV resistant corrosion resistant impact resistant lightness

Fiberglass laminates

sheets and rolls

About 60 years of experience in the production of Fiberglass sheets and rolls, three production sites, with both continuous hot-laminating and discontinuous cold-laminating procedure to meet the different needs of customers in a fast growing and increasingly demanding market.

A wide and complete range allows customers to choose between Elycold Fiberglass laminates, high quality products that stand out for the near invisibility of the Fiberglass - thanks to the cold polymerisation of the material - and for the production flexibility that allows producing customised products even in small quantities, and Elyplan Fiberglass laminates, which are characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio, the possibility to produce rolls in lengths as requested and guaranteed constant quality.

This is Brianza Plastica’s offer for the industry of flat Fiberglass laminates. The production focuses on achieving high levels of quality, while ensuring high degree of safety and low environmental impact.

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all sectors

Commercial vehiclesThe excellent resistance and dimensional stability, combined with lightness and easy workability, has made fiberglass panels the ideal material for constructing the walls of industrial, commercial and temperature controlled vehicles.

Electric vehicles
The lightness, strength and excellent resistance of the Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates makes them ideal for the construction of walls and floors of ultralight electric vehicles.

Recreational vehiclesOutstanding quality, lightness, aesthetic appeal and a variety of finishes allow the fiberglass panels to be used widely in the field of recreational vehicles (campers and caravans)

Public transportHigh strength, reliability, rigidity and the ability to be produced in any RAL colour also guarantees the use of fiberglass laminates to build buses for the public transport industry.

Tank containers
The extreme flexibility, lightness, resistance to chemicals and yellowing of the Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates make them an excellent choice for covering tanks of any size.

Other applicationsThere are numerous additional applications of fiberglass laminates: street vendor vehicles, refrigerators, prefabricated doors and panels and billboards in general.



Electric vehicles.

Brianza Plastica is introducing on the market a new fiberglass laminate that is produced with a very special resin, to protect the underfloor in the event of a battery fire. And is also much lighter!
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Brianza Plastica Fibreglass Laminates Division: the new LinkedIn channel for flat laminates sector is born.

The main goal of the new LinkedIn page is showing and informing on flat fibreglass laminates Elycold and Elyplan: their characteristics, their copious applications and their peculiarities.
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