Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

Elyplan Design


Driven by the market demand to expand its product range, Brianza Plastica has developed Elyplan Design, a composite laminate of excellent quality, characterised by the bonding of materials such as PVC and PAPER directly onto the fiberglass laminate in the production line.

It is normally used for indoor applications, (e.g. floors and walls) of recreational vehicles as an excellent alternative to plywood because it is a ready-to-use composite element.

Proposed in a wide range of modern colours and finishes, this laminate combines the advantages of a continuous product with a variety of different aesthetic finishes.


Elyplan Design Floor

Elyplan Design Floor is characterized by the total absence of odor thanks to the innovative "Styrene Free" resin used in the product. It offers many advantages, from a perfect bonding with all standard adhesives to improved mechanical performances.



  • Thickness of 1,3 or 1,5 mm
  • Widths of up to 3 m (PVC) and 2.2 m (PAPER)
  • Length on request


  • On demand

Product Features

  • Different finishes
  • Smooth, Corona treatment, mechanically sanded, film grooved
  • No protective film