Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls



Brianza Plastica S.p.A. was founded in 1962 to produce translucent fiberglass laminates for commercial and industrial applications.

Over the years, the production was expanded with sites in Italy and Europe, introducing new products able to meet the most varied roofing needs.

In the Eighties, the Company also entered into the field of thermal insulation for roofs and walls in the residential and industrial sectors. The Isotec® system was born in 1984, an innovative thermal insulating under-tile panel in polyurethane. Over the years, the Company continued in the production and constant research and implementation of fiberglass products, expanding its range and finishes of flat and curved sheets and rolls, wavy, corrugated or smooth, opaque or translucent, for applications in a variety of different fields such as agriculture, breeding, commercial and industrial applications, as well as commercial (trucks, buses) and recreational vehicles (campers and caravans).

The acquisition of the two production sites of Rovigo and Ostellato to produce Elycold® laminates with discontinuous cold-laminating procedures - in 2006 and 2008 respectively – and the inauguration in 2009 of a new production line in the Carate Brianza site dedicated to Elyplan® continuous hot-laminated products, has made Brianza Plastica one of the most important players in the global market of fiberglass laminates, with an extremely flexible production capacity, able to meet the various needs of the market.

The new logistics-commercial headquarter of Brianza USA Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana was founded in 2014 to serve the US market and to strengthen its commercial presence in the american territory.

The summer of 2016 sees further enhancements to the production of flat fibreglass laminates with the opening of a new production site in Rovigo and a new continuous production line in Carate Brianza.