Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

Other applications

Additional applications for fiberglass laminates

Fiberglass laminates can be used for numerous other applications: Elycold and Elyplan fiberglass laminates are suitable for food contact, so they can be used to construct trucks for food vendors and walls of cold rooms of various sizes; their resistance to chemical agents and weathering (UV) makes them ideal for the creation of advertising signs and panels, prefabricated doors and panels for mobile homes; in any case, whenever a lightweight, easily washable and highly resistant surface is required.

Elyplan laminates are more suitable for interior applications, and guarantee excellent flatness and impact resistance, both in the standard version and in the ExtraGlass version.

Doors panels
Manufacture of road signs

Covering of cold storage rooms
Ambient reclamation with high hygienic
needs (NO BAC)

Special vehicles
Refrigerated vehicles

Street vendor vehicles
Walls for prefabricated houses